Our Services

GameDay Captions uniquely provides captioning services for athletic events exclusively. Our captioning services provide compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and include captioning of audible information that is broadcast over the stadium’s public address system before, during, and after the game. This includes game-related information, including introduction of each team’s starting lineup and coaching staff, time-outs, injuries on the field, information about the next game to be played, announcements about plays made in the game, referee announcements, including penalty calls and explanations, safety and emergency announcements, announcements of special guests and performances, advertisements, recognition of sponsors, and scores of other games.


We provide captioning services remotely and/or on-site and are fully compatible with the Daktronics LED video board system. Captions can be displayed on designated sections of the stadium’s video board as well as broadcast on TVs located throughout the stadium. GameDay Captions also provides captioning via webstreaming technology, which allows for captions to be viewed on any device with internet capability, i.e., iPhone, Blackberry, iPad. The webstreaming technology can be integrated with your team website.


GameDay Captions is committed to meeting the needs of your organization. As such, we will work with your organization to customize the captioning services to meet your needs and those of your sponsors, while providing an enhanced experience for your fans.